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Baby Ashley

I have lots of blogging to do and updates to inform you all on... but for now. I want to blog about a sweet angel... Baby Ashley.

Friends of my family recently lost their 20 month old little boy in a tragic accident. Baby Ashley was a month older than my son. His parents, Aaron and Virginia, grew up with my older sister and my husband -- my twin sister and I grew up with Baby Ashley's uncle, Stephen. We all hung out together, knew each other, went to the beach together, lived close to each other, went on the lake together, etc.  And very often, we all joked about how our kids would all growing up together, the same way we did. However, due to a very tragic accident, Baby Ashley was called to God early this week. Today his parents will lay him at peace with God and many other Angels.

I am very thankful that I got to know and play with this angel several times. More importantly, I got to capture Ashley just before he turned 1... memories that are now more important than ever. We often look at a photograph and say how fast they grow... But it's not too often we look at a photograph and think that we will never get to hold our little ones again.

Please take a moment and pray for this beautiful family. So far they seem to be very strong... However, the hardest times are yet to come for them.

You will be missed Ashley.