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It's officially be too long since I've blogged. But that's okay because . . . I'm moving. Moving names and websites. 

I am officially Erica B. Studio and Design, LLC 
The website [coming soon] is moving to and

Hope you continue to follow on


7 month update // Cayden Birth Announcement

Imagine that. I always seem to disappear. Blogging is so hard to keep up with! And every year, I make a promise that I will keep up with it. Maybe it's time I bite the bullet and purchase a website instead. Blogging might not be my niche.

Till THAT happens. Let me recap the last, um . . . 7 months!

I have had a number of newborns this year! Which is always so exciting. I mean, who doesn't get a warm heart by the look of a baby? All my 2013 babies (so far) have been excellent! I still have one more before the year is up! And I know she will be just precious!  Below is one of the announcements for lil' Cayden. Photography and design are both done by me (of course).

He was such a doll. I mean, really was. We even were lucky to get him outside for a few great shots. And he slept the ENTIRE time. All the way up till the end.

I will do my best to update HERE vs. FB -- which is equally as hard to keep up with. I have been spending a majority of my time partnering up with Tomme Hilton of Tomme Hilton Gallery. Which has been awesome. We have had a great 2013 and are starting our 2014 off pretty strong.

More updates and post to come later this week and in the future . . .


painting . . .

I attempted to paint again . . . mission FAIL. haha. It's been too long. I was hoping to just pick up where I stopped . . . but no. I judge WAY too much on my own work. And I know, I know . . . 'you are your own worst critic' . . . but still.

I'll keep trying . . . but till then, I'll leave the painting up to someone else . . . Bodie Houston Gallery.  Ashley Houston (weird to see so many 'Houston's' after marrying Matt and entering into the 'Houston' family . . . she's of a different 'Houston' breed tho. ha.) went to High School with Matt and I.  Recently, she mentioned to me that she needed a head shot and a few images for Gallery . . . so we decided to exchange work. I can't even begin to tell you how super excited I am for this . . . AH. I've been watching her as her Gallery has grown and her painting has developed . . . and now I will get one of her pieces in my house!

Another friend of mine (Caroline Glenn) has one of HBG artworks in her home and I was super jealous when I saw it . . . and now, I get to enter the club of owning my own!

If you haven't checked out Ashley Gallery, you need too. Below are her links:

Visit her blog (Click here).
Visit her FB page (Click here).
Visit her on Etsy (Click here).


as of late . . .

I have finally begun to settle into our new routine w. baby no.2 . . . I know, I know . . . she will be SIX months this coming week and I feel like I'm just NOW getting the hang of it all. JL has been a hard but easy baby. Every time I feel as if I am getting her schedule down pat . . . she proves me wrong and changes it up again. Since figuring out our routine and getting time to do things for my self . . . I've been working mighty hard to get lots of invitations out and logos designed. It's so hard to keep up with the postings and their designs when I've got one kid tugging on my leg, one crying, emails to answer, images to edit, a husband love and meals to prepare . . . BUT amongst it all . . . it gets done. THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME. I may not always have time to edit the blog / website OR keep up with postings on FB . . . but everything else gets done.

Take a look at one of my recent invites. I know those who follow me on FB have seen it . . . but for those who havent . . .

This is an invite for a friend of mine who's having a baby girl this coming April. I am so beyond excited to meet lil' baby Charlee and be her Aunt. And to watch her grow and play.


New Years resolution

So I've decided this year, my goal is to start painting again. I've been itching to pick up the paint brush and see how rusty I am. I've even contemplated taking an art class or two of some sort. It's so therapeutic and I need that! I need moments to 'escape' without really 'escaping'.

We shall see.

Hope everyone has a goal for 2013!

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Designing home

Hi there blog followers! It's always so hard for me to keep up! BUT as I've stating in my personal blog, I've found an awesome solution to staying updated . . . A blogging app!!

I know, why didn't I think of this sooner! And I know, I should have known. But it didn't cross my mind. Honestly! Plus, this thing was $3. (I'm tight when it comes to purchasing apps / songs / games from iTunes. That stuff can add up!)

Recently I've been designing away with Christmas cards, I needed a 'me moment'. I have these awesome antique chairs for about a year now and their cushions have needed to be replaced. So! I finally attempted it. The right way. With my mom.

And TA DA!

I think they turned out pretty nice! Over all!

I've been trying to do small things in my home to add a little design / color / new to it. So, I'll be posting about that as I go / blog along too!

Till my next blogging moment.

OH, I just had a gum graft yesterday. So far, the pain isn't bad. But I'm starting to ache a little on my left. That was my bad one of the two. My right side doesn't hardly hurt. I'm trying to stay elevated, ice it, lots of cold fluids, you know the drill.

Here's me when I first got home:

No swelling so far! I'm nervous. With my wisdom teeth, my face was HUGE! I'll see if I can find the photo to share. Laugh. It was bad.

Ok, for real. Till next post!

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Christmas is coming.

It never fails, I forget to blog! We've been super busy with the holidays rounding the corner! We are trying to get ALL holiday orders designed / sent to print / mailed! We will be posting the holiday cards as they are mailed off!

Enjoy a few templates we made . . . and if you are interested in custom cards OR our templates, let us know at!